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BOQ to Excel Service


Think about how much time you spend on typing BOQ Items into Excel Worksheet !  Days or Weeks?  Typing of BOQ Items into Excel Worksheet is a tedious and time-consuming task.


In order to improve the efficient of the Tendering Process, QSM proudly launch our innovative service to you – BOQ to Excel Service.


** Send us today and get it tomorrow **


By sending us your BOQ Images or PDF file, we can return an Excel Worksheet with all BOQ Items inside together with all formulas for Item Total, Page Total,  Collection Total, Summary Total and General Summary Total.  Most important, with all the description and headings over 97% accuracy plus Formula Calculation at 100% accuracy.


How about addendums?  Yes, we also provide our unique Addendum Merging Program for you to handle the addendum bills.



                            Order for Original Tender       Page 1-200                   HKD 5.00/page

                                                                                 Page 201-500              HKD 4.00/page

                                                                                 Page 501 or above        HKD 2.00/page


                                                                                           ** minimum 200 pages/order


                              eg,   Other than spending few weeks to type in 1,000 pages of BOQ Items manually,

                                                                Order our service will cost you HKD 3,200 only

                                                                (200 pages * $5   +  300 pages * $4 + 500 pages * $2)


                            Order for Addendum Bill        Page 1-100                    HKD 7.00/page

                                                                                 Page 101-300              HKD 5.00/page

                                                                                 Page 300 or above      HKD 3.00/page


                                                                                            ** minimum 50 pages/order




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