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Quantity Surveyor Magic Tools

The QSM System has been designed to handle all task associated with the
Quantity Surveying Profession and all discipline of the construction industry.
The system can be applied in any stages of the cost management process of a project ranging from estimating, preparation of Bills of Quantities, Tendering, Tender Appraisal and settlement of Final Accounts.
The system can also be applied for post-contract works such as site measurement, payment valuation, cash flow monitoring, measurement of variations, sub-letting of sub-contractors and budget control.

QSM system by far is the most up to date quantity surveying and cost management software package and the following pages introduce the unique features over and above any other software package
available in the market and the system overview.


Tendering wih BIM Integartion

This Module is particularly designed to assist the Contractor for preparation of Tender especially focus on the BOQ Quantity Measurement. 


This Module provides details dimension measurement of each BOQ Item by advance features such as Schedule Measurement, Group Measurement and Flagging .


With the integration with BIM application, measurement data of BIM can be directly integrated with eTenderBIM quantity measurement system for tendering and post-contract work process.


Cost Plan Estimating

This Module is particularly designed for preparation of user defined estimates with levels of details varying from square cost yardstick to approximate quantities with composite rates. Different analysis reports (Element/Trade/Activity) can also be prepared from one set of input data.


Bills of Quantities Module

This Module is particularly designed for the Bills of Quantities preparation by one single user or Multi-user working together. The User Defined Coding System and “What You See Is What You Get” on screen build up approach are employed for this Module. The Schedule Measurement, Group Measurement, Flagging function and issue of activity bills (sub-bills) are the special features of this module.


Tender Appraisal Module

This Module is particular designed to assist the Consultants to analysis the Tenders received for any arithmetical errors, high and low rates, and major rates comparison. In addition, the Module will also assist the Contractor for selection and confirmation of the Sub-Contract rates and also update the confirmed Sub-Contractor rates and prices to the original Tender for comparison and review.


Payment Module

This Module is particularly designed to assist the Consultants or the Contractor to record and prepare the interim valuation of the works by percentage, lump sum or actual measurement. The overall payment status of each item of the works will also be reported if required. Moreover, it can further assist the Contractor to record and review all approval of his application by the Consultants.


Final Account Module

The Module is particularly designed to assist the Consultants and the Contractor in site measurement, to monitor and value of variations issued during construction, so as to further prepare the Financial Status of the project and ultimately the overall Final Account of the works.


Free Cost Library Module

This Module can serve as a database of Standard Phraseology Library of Description,
Cost Information, Master Coding etc. and to be used when employing together with other QSM Modules.

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