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      Innovative Design and Artificial Intelligence 

            Empowering you to win profitable tenders ........ 

Visual QSM  -  eTenderWin




Construction Tendering and Cost Estimating

Software System 

With 25 years of shared experiences with major contractors in the Asian Construction Industry, Visual QSM eTenderwin tendering and  cost estimating software system can provide practically all the features that you need and features that you never thought you could have.

What you buy from us is not merely software

but 25 years’ worth of shared experiences and knowledge base

Do you want to have your tendering department computerized within a day


 importing thousands pages of BOQ from PDF Images within minutes and all BOQ Items are immediately ready

for pricing and markup

 immediately printing out the PDF Image with priced rate

for tender submission by one single click ?

No data entry and inking are required for Tender Submission,

          with more features on cost estimation and analysis to assist you .....

Have you ever wished you can import data directly from PDF Images into a spreadsheet with all setting of calculating formulas for Item total, section subtotal, bill subtotal and tender sum without any typing ?


And,  PDF Images can be printed out together with rate and total on the exact position for Tender Submission without typing / writing and with 100% accuracy.


Do you want to make pricing, analysis and marking-up more effortless, faster and much more accurate ?


Do you want the system can help you to handle huge size of Addendum Bills ?


Do you know how the Magic-Pricing system can help you to extract all Items in Major Trade (like concrete, re-bars), so that you can get the Total Volume of Material (Cement, Sand) before you can put in the rate ?


Do you want to apply Electronic Tendering Technique for your client and send e-tender to your sub-contractors ?


Do you want the system help you in Management works such as Analysis and Budget Cost Control and show you the Profit or Loss Reports right before and after submitting your tender ? ...etc.

About eTenderWin 

Visual QSM -  eTenderWin Tendering and Cost Estimating Software System has been used by most of Hong Kong's and Asia's biggest construction contractor on those largest and most complex successful tenders in the last 25 years.

Comprehensive and Innovative Power functions, Ease of Use and Speed of Adoption make eTenderWin becomes popular in Asia for building and civil contractors.

With years of experiences in development Tendering Software System for Contractors in Construction Industry, we have created a long-term relationship with most of the Biggest Contractor in Asia Pacific.

Since the first version launched in 1991, eTenderwin has been enhanced by the contribution of great ideas from our customers in different countries all around the world. This makes TenderWin capable to handle whatever situations it may happen and fulfill whatever requirements during the tendering process.

eTenderWin is powerful and comprehensive TRUE Tendering Software System for Contractors.

Our Professional Consultant with more than 25 years' experience in Implementing Tender Software System for large Contractors can help you to implement the Tendering System up and running within 1 week from installation, training and Tendering Process Re-engineering.

Save up to 70% of times on Tendering Process

How can construction contrators

benefit from using


 Time Saving

Save up to  70% of times on Tendering Process

Fast Implementation

Whole process from installation, video training and implementation can be completed within 1 week.

Unlimited access to our video training site.

Learn and run within 30 minutes 

Working with Expertise

Expertise with more than 25 years experiences in Handle largest and most complex Tenders

Reliable and Accurate

Trusted by the Industry's biggest contractors for more than 25 years and has been enhanced by the contribution of great ideas from our customers in different countries  all around the world.

Awards-winning Tendering / Estimating and Bidding Software

you can rely on

Awards Winning  Tendering  / Estimating and Bidding Software

Hong Kong Awards for Industry - CMA Certificate of Merit in Machinery and Equipment Design  

Design and develop by team of professionals leading by Awardee of 

Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Digi Person

Professional Support

Free Unlimited access to Official Video Training Website
Full support by Internet for Installation 
Real-time Chat for Technical Support 
Remote Technical Helpdesk


Trusted by the industry's biggest contractors

Since 1992 ....


Interested in implementing your own Tendering Software System ? Give us a call for on-site demonstration or webinar today.

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