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QSM System is the complete solution applicable to ALL disciplines in the construction industry, ranging from Government Departments, Institutional bodies, Developers, Consultant Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors. The application of the System also covers the WHOLE process of the cost management of the project beginning from the preparation of the Conceptual Estimate to the settlement of the Final Accounts.

There is no user’s organization too big or too small and no task too simple or too complicated that cannot be handled by QSM System to provide a satisfactory result.

All the problems due to piece meal information or ad-hoc software packages will be solved by the installation of QSM System. All different tasks required by a project can be integrated into one single system. The dream of continuous cost monitoring and control from conceptual to the final completion of the project by using one computer system becomes a reality.


Visual QSM System can be run on the most common Windows OS – Windows 7/8/10. No existing hardware or software systems of an organization will be obsoleted by the installation of Visual QSM System. Visual QSM System has excellent performance compared with any systems running on same hardware environment. All latest hardware and software technology has been employed for the development of the System - the ever successful application of Scanning/ Image Data Capture and Image Analyzer for capture of printing position of Priced Item in tendering is one of the classic example of the advancement of Visual QSM System.

Design and Development

Visual QSM System is designed and developed by professional Chartered Quantity Surveyors practicing in the industry. The design of the system is completely user orientated not only for the output reports format, but also the input methodology. The retrieval and storage of information have all been carefully designed to preserve all the traditional manual techniques which are familiar to all the professional or technician of the industry.

No modification of methodology, reformat of output and system implementation are required for the installation of Visual QSM System. The design of the system is so user-friendly that the training time is highly reduced. It is a system designed for the users and in fact, it is designed by the users !

Professional Support

The Visual QSM System is not just a software system on its own. It is supported by professional and technical users so as to ensure that the new users not only purchase a software but a complete team of expertise with more than 20 years experiences in handle largest and most complex tenders.

QSM Systems (HK) Limited also offers operation support advice for special user’s requirement e.g. cost coding system, cost library and training courses etc. All support and services will be provided directly or under the supervision of expertise of QSM Systems.

Unlimited Access to Official Training Website

Visual QSM Provides on-site training courses as well as unlimited access to our official Video Training Center -

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